Plan Your Utah Elopement In 6 Months

An adventure elopement in Utah is what dreams are made of! The landscape, the wildlife and the Arches will give your wedding day all the magic! And if you are wanting to get to Southern Utah and elope ASAP, then this is the post for you. You can plan your elopement in 6 months with this simple timeline to plan your Utah Elopement.

Utah wedding photographer capture bride and groom in Arches National Park celebrating on top of a mountain surrounded by sage brush

Before we hop into all the details of planning an elopement in 6 months, I will mention this one thing. Every elopement is different! You may just want to embrace the outdoors, and not book a venue. Or, you may want to create your own wedding bouquet instead of hiring a florist. And that is totally okay! These vendors are simply what I generally recommend to couples, so you can take what applies to you and leave the rest.

groom leans into his bride as he caresses her cheek and leans in to kiss her gently at Arches National Park wedding

Plan Your Utah Elopement – 6 Months Before

I know what you are thinking, 6 months?! It feels so close to the actual day, but trust when I say that you can do this! I have even had brides who plan there elopement in a shorter amount of time. So, you definitely can plan your elopement in 6 months, and this is where is all starts!

Your Wedding Venue

With wedding planning the first thing you always want to do its to book your wedding venue. Once you have your venue booked, you officially have your wedding date!

bride and groom embrace each other on a hill side in Arches National Park wedding with the groom standing behind the bride and holding her waist as she leans back into him and holds her floral bouquet to her shoulder

Book Your Photographer

After you wedding venue you will want to book your preferred Utah Elopement photographer. Most wedding photographers will book out years in advance. However, as an adventure elopement photographer I understand the nature of elopements and try to keep dates available throughout the year.

Book Your Officiant

When choosing you officiant, you want to have someone you feel you can connect with and has similar values. The Knot has is a great resource to help you find you officiant!  And if you are unsure with what you are looking at, I also know many of the local officiants and can give recommendations.

Bride Tip! If you want a more personal touch, you could have a family member or friend  get ordained  and have someone you know and love officiate your wedding.

outdoor Arches National Park wedding with bride and groom sitting on top of a red rock mountain on a blanket and leaning into each other and kissing captured by Utah elopement Photographer

For Travel

Plane Tickets

If you will have to travel across the country for your Utah Elopement, then you will want to book your tickets early. And 6 months before is the perfect time! I recommend finding deals on tickets with Expedia or CheapOAir.


There are tons of lodging options in Southern Utah! When you plan your elopement in 6 months in Utah you will want to find lodging as soon as possible. Especially if you will be there in the busy season!

bride leans into her groom and holds onto his lapels while looking up to kiss him while holding an orange wedding bouquet over her shoulder captured by Utah elopement photographer

Rental Car

If you are planning on flying into Utah’s National Park, then be sure to plan to rent a car to help you get around. Public transportation is hard to find in such a rural location. And you don’t want to rely on Uber to get you to your wedding either!

Arches National Park wedding with bride and groom on top of a mountain together holding hands and looking at one another after the sunset with Utah elopement photographer

For The Bride

Wedding Dress Shopping

Every bride is different with finding their wedding dress. Some go in and find it at the first bridal boutique they visit. Others have to visit a dozen before finding their dream dress! And since you don’t know how easy it will be for you to find your gown, I recommend shopping for your wedding dress as soon as possible!

Bride Tip! It will also take time for your dress to come after ordering. And you will more than likely need alterations that will also take time. Buy shopping early you wont run the risk of not having your dress in time!

Utah elopement photographer captures bride and groom on top of a red rock mountain for their Arches National Park wedding with groom holding the brides leg up as the bride holds his neck

Book Your Florist

When looking for a florist in Southern Utah, be sure to have an idea of what styles you like. Look through Pinterest for inspiration photos so that when you do find your dream florist you can easily explain what you want.

Book Your Hair and Makeup

Similar to booking your florist, you will want to find some inspiration photos before you book your hair and makeup artist. A lot of hair and makeup artists are easily found on Instagram, but you can also try to google search or ask for recommendations!

outdoor bridals in Arches National Park with Utah elopement photographer capturing bride and groom leaning into each other intimately for their outdoor wedding

3 Months Before

Your wedding day is getting so close! Now you just have to gather the last details and make minor resrvations.

Plan Your Dinner Reservations

If you decide to go without a venue or reception, then you will want to book a dinner for the evening! You deserve to celebrate with a delicious meal and beautiful atmosphere. And in Southern Utah you will be able to find just that!

bride in a large tulle gown standing in red rock while holding her boho wedding bouquet as the wind blows her hair captured by Utah elopement photographer

Minor Details

Whatever small details you have planned should be set in stone and prepared. If it is a family heirloom you are planning on wearing, or your bridesmaids dress. No matter how big or small, these details should be planned and prepared for!

Utah elopement photographer captures bride and groom sitting together on red rock while the bride leans back into her groom and kisses him with a stunning canyon valley in the distance

1 Month Before

Your Timeline

Double check all of the reservations you made when first planning! Let them know the timeline of the day and when you will be needing them.

Bride tip! Be sure to save all the confirmation numbers and receipts, just in case!

Reach out to your adventure Utah elopement photographer to inform them on your timeline and plans for the day. They will be a great help in when to fit in wedding photos.

Utah elopement photographer captures bride and groom kissing before they cut into a cake they have for a picnic celebration for their Arches National Park wedding

1 Week Before

Wedding License

Without a license, you can’t get married! So be sure to have this done the week before your elopement.

Now you can confidently plan your elopement in 6 months! Southern Utah is the place to be if you are an elegant and adventurous couple looking for breathtaking views for your wedding day. Reach out and let’s talk wedding photography!

outdoor wedding with a picnic with bride and groom sitting on a blanket against red rock of Southern Utah with a small cake to celebrate captured by Utah elopement photographer

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