How To Embrace A Rainy Day Wedding

So many couples plan their wedding around the seasons to ensure that they have the best chance for gorgeous weather. However, great weather is not always in the cards for every wedding. As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I have had the time to experience and learn the weather patterns of the Grand Tetons. Which makes finding a break in the storm easy and convenient! But, for the rainy day wedding, I am here to make your wedding photography stunning no matter the weather conditions! Here’s how to make the most of a rainy day wedding.

dark stormy sky with two rainbows in the distance with bride and groom kissing under clear umbrellas overhead for rainy day wedding

Find The Beauty In A Rainy Day Wedding

There is so much beauty in this world and I am a firm believer that we can find it anywhere! Rainy and overcast wedding days may not seem ideal to most, but there is a silver lining to the poor weather. Because the light from the sun in blocked, you will get a range of soft lighting throughout your wedding. This will give your wedding pictures a glowy ethereal look. And if you have high winds, embrace them! Wind will give your images more movement and interest. I will poses you strategically with both the wind and light.

Be Flexible

When poor weather starts to roll in, you have two options. First, you can wait it out. This is something that I will advise for or against, depending on the forecast and winds. Since I have studied the storm patterns in the Tetons, I am usually a good judge of what the weather will look like in the coming hours. And your second option is to embrace the poor weather. Either way, you will need to be flexible in your timeline for when you take your wedding pictures. But rest assured, we will figure it out together so that you can make the most of your Jackson Hole wedding.

Trust Your Jackson Hole Photographer

As an adventure wedding photographer I am equipped for any situation! Rain or shine, I will get the shot. You can count on that! So, when the weather isn’t turning out has you hoped and you begin to worry that your wedding photos won’t turn out. Put your trust in your Jackson Hole photographer. I have captured dozens of rainy day weddings, and I am confident in photographing yours!

Rainy Day Wedding Bride’s Review

“Jocilyn Bennett Photography provided my husband and I the most gorgeous, classic, and unique wedding pictures! She is pure talent – attention to detail, eye for the perfect composition, editing style, comfort in coaching us through each picture and location so we didn’t look or feel awkward. I really appreciated that Jocilyn took a variety of vertical and horizontal images. It added a nice addition when we received all our images. It happened to rain on our wedding day, which one would think is a picture nightmare but it was truly was the absolute BEST thing that happened – the clouds and rain added an extra layer of dept and detail to our picture. Luckily Jocilyn’s knowledge helped the images taken come out even more breathtaking! The clouds let the mountains peak through for some of our images too so we didn’t lose the beautiful Tetons. We did an elopement with close family and our pup. The ability to have flexibility on this day made it even more relaxed and Jocilyn rolled with all the thrills of the day and was VERY prepared complete with clear & white umbrellas. I can not suggest Jocilyn enough for all your wedding photography needs. Also wanted to note she was very helpful in planning the day and our schedule of locations (which not being from there made it stress free!)” -Ella

No matter the weather, we will make the most of your wedding day photos! Let’s connect and talk more about your wedding photography.

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