Oxbow Bend Elopement In The Tetons

Megan and Mickey’s Oxbow Bend elopement in the Tetons was romantic, stunning and an absolute blast! This couple really made the best of having to reschedule the destination wedding of their dreams. Their easy-going and funny personalities created a beautiful atmosphere for an elopement with their closest family. You won’t believe how much personality and inspiration you will find throughout their wedding day!

Grand Teton wedding day with bride and groom standing on the watter of a lake together and looking at the mountain range as they lean into eachother, captured by best Grand Tetons wedding photographers.

Megan & Mickey

Megan and Mickey are probably some of the funniest people I have ever had the pleasure of capturing! Their fun-loving spirits compliment one another so perfectly, making it seem as if they were made for each other. The entire day of their wedding they were laughing and having the best time. And when you consider how they came together, it is clear that their love was written in the stars!

Oxbow Bend Elopement in the Tetons with bride and groom dressed up and standning next to String Lake as the groom holds onto the bride with the reflection of the mountain in the water

Fate brought these two together in Naples, Florida at a poker night. Megan and Mickey both moved to Naples at different times, and landed in different neighborhoods. However, they had a few mutual friends that invited them both to a poker night. They joke that when Megan threw up on Mickey shoes that night it was the start of their relationship!

As they were casually dating and getting to know each other, Hurricane Irma hit Florida. The time they had together with no electricity because of the hurricane they officially became a couple! This trying time brought them closer together and proved to strengthen the relationship they already had. They still joke that Hurricane Irma’s landing marks their anniversary, and as a result they wanted their wedding to be in September.

silly groom posing during his Oxbow Bend Elopement In The Tetons with his bride laughing at his jokes as they walk through the woods on their wedding day with Grand Tetons wedding photogrpaher

Change Of Plans That Led To The Tetons

Much like many weddings after the Covid-19 pandemic, Megan and Mickey’s wedding plans changed drastically! They were originally planning on travelling with family to Italy for Mickey and Megan to say their vows. Megan’s family has a rich Italian heritage and they were all so excited to visit Italy for such a wonderful occasion. So when they were no longer able to travel to their beloved home country, Megan was devastated.

They decided to make the most of the situation and still plan a destination wedding. Megan’s mom mentioned The Grand Tetons and they decided to just roll with that idea! They researched the area and were amazed with the beauty the location had to offer. Around every turn Mickey was in awe with the mountains, constantly raving about how beautiful they were!

black and white wedding image of bride and groom kissing and embracing each other at Oxbow Bend for their wedding photos with the GR and Tetons behind them and reflecting in the water

Oxbow Bend Elopement In The Tetons

The views on their wedding day were miraculous! This past summer we had a lot of smoke in the Tetons that make it so you couldn’t see the mountains from a distance. But, the visibility of the mountains for Megan and Mickey’s Oxbow Bend elopement in the Tetons was unbelievable! It was a perfectly clear day, which made for the best wedding photos with the Grand Tetons in the background.

bride and groom sitting on a log bench in Jackson HOle for their Oxbow Bend Elopement in the Tetons as they kiss with the Grand Tetons mountains in the background

First Look

For their elopement the couple brought along Megan’s family, which included her two nieces. Because they are so close with Megan’s family they wanted to find a way to incorporate her nieces in the wedding day. Instead of leaning into the tradition flower girl routine, Megan and Mickey went a different route with a creative first look!

first look from the brides perspective with the groom facing away from the bride at Oxbow Bend in Jackson Hole as the bride walks up behind him for the first look


Once we got down to the river, the two nieces took a bandanna and blindfolded Mickey. They then turned him around and Megan came down the hill to them. Once she was there, Mickey was turned around and took off the blindfold. It was such a unique and fun way to incorporate the nieces into their elopement.



black and white image of Oxbow Bend wedding in JAckson HOle with bride walking up a hill to her groom for their first look

groom getting emotional at first look with his bride in Oxbow Bend Jackson Hole weddings

bride and groom having a first look together with groom holding his forehead in amazement for their Jackson Hole wedding on the Snake River

emotional wedding image of a first look between a groom and bride with groom tearing up as he looks at his bride



 Oxbow Bend Ceremony

The ceremony was absolutely touching. I loved how Mickey and Megan included their family in every part of the day, but the ceremony was definitely my favorite! During the ceremony Megan’s sister and nieces read different scriptures. It was a beautiful sentiment to their faith as well as their family.

Onbow Bend Elopement ceremony next to Snake River in the Jackson Hole with the Tetons in the background as the bride and groom hold hands and are married by their wedding officiant

Then the officiant shared a Native American tradition with them. It was a tradition of gratitude that was shown on the couples wedding day to their families. One at a time, each member of their family came up to receive a sunflower. This was a symbol of their thanks to that family member as they began their new life in marriage. It was a tradition that I had never seen before, but I absolutely loved!

Oxbow Bend wedding with bride and groom kissing in front of the Tetons captured by best Jackson Hole wedding photographers

Grand Teton Wedding Photos

After their Oxbow Bend ceremony we adventured around the national park to capture more wedding photos in a variety of locations. We went to some of my favorite spots like String Lake and Schwabacher Landing. At every location we were able to see the Tetons so perfectly, as well as have a total blast!

Both Megan and Mickey are so gregarious and fun. The entire time they were cracking jokes, making silly faces and laughing! They really let loose and had so much fun during their bridal session. And as a result you are able to see so much personality shine through in their wedding photos.

fun wedding photos in Jackson Hole with bride and groom holdin gup their hands to show their wedding rings on their Jackson Hole wedding day

This Oxbow Bend elopement in the Tetons was such an amazing day! I loved getting to witness such joy and young love. Every couple I have is unique in their own ways; from their love story, to their expression of love. And getting to know you is probably one of my favorite parts of being a Jackson Hole wedding photographer. Let’s connect and talk more about your Grand Teton wedding day!

Oxbow Bend wedding photo in Jackson Hole weddings with husband and wife holding each other right after their wedding ceremony while standing in the woods

bride and groom kissing during their bridals as they walk through the woods in the Grand Tetons captured by the best Grand Tetons wedding photographer

detail ring shot of bride and grooms rings sitting on a piece of dark greenery on the forest floor in Jackson Hole

detail shot of bride putting on her grooms rings on their Jackson Hole wedding

bride in a lace wedding gown kissing her groom at String Lake in the Tetons on a clear summer day with best Jackson Hole wedding photographers

beautiful bride in lace wedding gown holding a bright white and pink wedding bouquet at String Lake for her bridal portraits with the Tetons and the water behind her

dark haired bride holding a wedding bouquet and looking over her shoulder at her flowers with the lake behind her with the Tetons reflecting in the water

detail shot of bridal bouquet with bride hlding her hand lightly over the florals to show off her wedding ring


groom holding his feather bowtie for a detail shot for his Jackson Hole wedding photos

bride in a lace and sequence wedding gown holding hands with her groom who is in a blue suit as the groom holds the wedding bouquet and smiles at his bride for their JAckson Hole wedding while they walk in the woods

bride and groom kissing as they walk through the forest in the Grand Tetons on their wedding day while kissing and holding hands

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