Jackson Hole Winter Engagement Session Tips

I truly believe that every season can provide a beautiful and magical setting for your engagement session. However, winter can be the most challenging due to the freezing temperatures and the wet snow. On the other hand, wintertime can give you some of the most breathtaking images of all. So how do you guarantee that your winter photos will look cozy and romantic? Here are a few tips to help you achieve the best Jackson Hole winter engagement session.

Jackson Hole winter engagement sessionwith couple walking in front of an old brown wooden bard in front of the Tetons while holding hands and dressed up

Tip #1 – Dress Warm!

This is the MOST IMPORTANT tip for your Jackson Hole winter engagement session! I cannot stress it enough. It will be cold so come prepared!

Dress in warm layers with sweaters, hats and scarves. Wearing thermals, wool socks, boots and all the toasty under clothing will help you be comfortable in the elements. Which will reflect in the images! If you are shivering and have blue lips there is not much a photographer can do to make you look great in your photos. Photoshop does have its limits!

For an engagement session this is easy to do while looking and feeling cute. There are so many trendy and comfortable clothing options that can keep you warm out in the snow! Look at your favorite boutiques and shops for inspiration, they all have photos of outfit ideas that can inspire the perfect combination of layers for your own personal style!

Tip #2 – Bring Hand Warmers & Hot Cocoa

Bringing hand warmers will help tremendously! You can put them in your pockets, boots, gloves… really, wherever you can fit them. I even bring them to keep my hands warm to be able to work the camera effectively in cold weather. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable during your Jackson Hole winter engagement session! It’s hard to hide that discomfort from the camera, if you’re miserable it will show! So take any measures you can to make yourself cozy. Even bringing a hot beverage to sip along the way can give your body some extra heat!

engaged couple walking through the snow in front of mountains in Jackson Hole for their winter engagement session while holding hands with the woman leading the man

Tip #3 – Cuddle Up!

Keep things toasty by cuddling up with your fiancé as much as you can! Sometimes these candid moments of trying to keep each other warm make the most romantic engagement photos. They are absolutely cozy and show a deeper level of intimacy. A few of my favorite poses for Jackson Hole winter engagement sessions are so simple, that they usually just come naturally. A favorite of everyone’s is bringing a blanket to wrap up in. Its easy, romantic and fun!  Another great pose is bringing your hands to each others lips. Kind of like how you would try to breathe warm air on your own hands. It is super romantic and gives the most tender vibes.

Tip #4 – Don’t Write Off In-home or Studio Sessions

In-home or studio sessions can provide some of the most cozy and romantic photos. Cuddling up on a couch with a hot cup of tea and your puppy at your feet is the best! I love capturing those everyday moments between a couple in their own space. My clients are always more relaxed in their own home than anywhere else, this means we can jump right in to getting those natural photos because you’re already in your element!

Studios can be much the same, but usually give you a more modern look with clean walls and little decor. In a studio we can get out of the weather and have the freedom to create any look and feel you are wanting. Everything is in control! From the design, set up, decor and even lighting! It is 100% customizable!

Jackson Hole Winter Engagement Session in front of a lake in Jackson Hole as teh sun set and gleams behind the couple, the man is kissing the woman's forehead as she looks at the camera and smiles

You deserve a winter engagement session that is comfortable, romantic and absolutely stunning! I have scouted out the best locations in Jackson Hole and The Grand Tetons and I can’t wait to take you there! Let’s connect and talk about your Jackson Hole winter engagement session!

Jackson Hole winter engagement session with man and woman sitting with each other with their noses together smiling as they romantically look into each others eyes

Jackson Hole winter engagemetn session with man giving the woman a piggyback ride while looking back at her as she is laughing with mountains in the background covered in snow

man whispering in woman's ear while holding her close as she looks down and smiles in the snow in front of pine tress in Jackson Hole

man holding a woman on his back as she looks over his shoulder smiling and looks at her as they stand in front of pine trees in Jackson Hole for their winter engagement session

Winter engagement session with man and woman cuddled up in a wool tribal print blanket while sitting in a snowy field while cuddling and looking at each other with pine trees behind them in Jackson Hole

man dipping a woman in a grove of pine trees that are covered in snow in Jackson Hole for their winter engagement session

man and woman holding each others hands to their chests with their foreheads touching and smiling as the sun set behind them over a lake at Jackson Hole for their engagement session

out of focus picture of woman holding a man in Jackson Hole for a winter engagement session

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