Best Time To Have A Moab Elopement

I have been photographing in Moab as a Utah elopement photographer for quite a few years now. And just like any other destination elopement location, there are pros and cons to getting married in Moab at different times of the year. The best time to have a Moab elopement is the only time that I offer sessions! So, let’s talk about when that is and what it looks like.

Utah Elopement Photographer captures bride and groom during their Moab Elopement

When Not To Elope In Moab

You really can get married in Moab at any time of the year. However, my couples that want an adventurous wedding day full of hikes and exploration will need to avoid Moab at certain times during the year. June through September are really hot months for a Moab elopement. It is the peek of summer and the sun can become intense fast.

If you really want an adventurous elopement during these months, consider the Grand Tetons! The weather is mild and beautiful during the summer there.

Utah Elopement Photographer captures groom wearing cowboy hat and bride leaning against him during bridal portraits after Moab Elopement
Utah elopement photographer captures groom kissing bride during bridal portraits
Moab elopement with bride and groom on a trail in the red rocks hugging on another and laughing with rock formations in the distance

Best Time To Have A Moab Elopement

My favorite months to shoot in Moab are March, April, May, October, and November. These are the months that have the best weather for exploring and hiking in your elopement attire. Being more comfortable in the mild temperatures during these months also allow you to take part in the activities available in the area. Indulge in hiking, rock climbing, rafting the river, and so much more! You will have more options for excursions as well; some places don’t offer activity excursions during the off-season months.

Utah Elopement Photographer captures bride and groom holding hands during intimate elopement ceremony
Utah Elopement Photographer captures bride and groom reading vows to one another
Utah Elopement Photographer captures bride looking up at groom

Another pro with choosing a good weather month is that vendor availability is up! It will be easier to find locals to provide flowers, hair, makeup and other services.

The only con of these good weather months is sharing the area with other tourists. Because the weather is more enjoyable, it is likely that locals and tourists will visit the park more. We will avoid crowds as best we can with timing and visit more private locations.

Ready for your Moab elopement? Let’s connect and start planning!

arches national park wedding with bride and groom sitting together on top of a red rock cliff and watching the sun set in the distance as they cuddle together

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