Grand Teton Wedding Winter Checklist

Getting married in the Grand Tetons is out of this world wonderful! And it is even better when you plan a Grand Teton wedding in the winter! And although most of my couples elope to avoid the stress of planning a big wedding. You will still need to plan a little for your winter elopement. This guide is designed to take the stress out of planning your elopement. This will walk you through the essentials and give you recommendations for local vendors. So let’s jump right in!

Grand Teton photographer captures couple kissing in street while snowing


Whether you live in the town over or are coming from out of state, the first thing you need to do is plan for your travel! First, choose your travel dates and book your lodging. Keep in mind that you will both need to appear in person with ID to purchase your marriage license. This will be at the Teton County building which is opened during regular 9-5 business hours and closed on holidays. I suggest planning to do this at least one day prior to your wedding date and contact their office to make an appointment so you are sure they will be open. Their number is 307-733-4430 and detailed marriage license information can be found on their website HERE

Grand Teton Photographer captures black and white portrait of couple kissing under veil after Grand Teton wedding
Grand Teton photographer captures bride and groom hugging in winter wedding

Grand Teton Wedding Vision

You deserve to have the wedding of your dreams, even if you are eloping! So, decide how you want your big day look! Do you want a few friends and family, or just the two of you? Are flowers important to you? Will you make this an entire day of celebration or a simple ceremony? THESE questions will give you more ideas to discuss and help you create the perfect celebration of your marriage. Because after all, this is YOUR big day!

Grand Teton photographer captures bride wearing bridal gown in snowy winter wedding
Grand Teton photographer captures couple walking hand in hand on street in Jackson Hole
Grand Teton photographer captures bride and groom kissing in snow

Let’s Plan!

One of my favorite parts of being a Jackson Hole photographer is the planning! I will reach out to get you on my scheduled for a planning session. When you have a planning session with me we can work out all the details. Together we will create a timeline of your day so all your events flow and we are able to take advantage of the best lighting for photos. In addition, before you come to our Grand Teton wedding planning session, I will share my location guide for you review and choose your favorite backdrops.

Grand Teton photographer captures bride and groom touching horses
Grand Teton photographer captures bride and groom under veil after Jackson Hole wedding

Location Permit

Get your ceremony location permit: You will want to wait until after our planning session to apply for this permit since we will be deciding the best location and time for your ceremony during that meeting. You will be choosing a 2hr time slot for your ceremony which is a good amount of time for your ceremony and photos.  In most cases you will only need one permit for the ceremony location and not for additional locations where we will just be taking photos. (Refer to my location guide for all your options) Based on where you want to hold your ceremony will determine who you contact to get your permit.

For Grand Teton National Park Permits Submit an application.

For the Wedding Tree contact Bridger-Teton National Forest Just call or email

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Grand Teton Wedding Officiant

Below in the vendor recommendations is a List of local officiants. I suggest contacting a few and finding the best fit. You can also have one of your friends or family members officiate, this can be a really special thing to add to your ceremony! Just contact Teton County to make sure you get all the correct paperwork and info needed.

(*Spanish Ceremonies Available)

*Brian Bultema
(Minister – Christian Themed Weddings)

Melissa Croswhite
(Minister – Native Influence)

T. Hamish Tear
(Officiant – Secular Weddings)

*Cindy Dahlin
(Civil or Christian Ceremonies)

Eleanor Schoenhals

Anna Franceschi
(Minister Universal Life – Pagan/Same Sex)

Joann McGregor
(Minister Non-Denominational)

Colleen M. Crook
(Universal Ministries – Non-Denominational)

In addition, make sure you have two witnesses for your ceremony – This is something that your officiant will make sure you have as it is mandatory for the state of Wyoming. If you don’t have anyone traveling with you (no worries, this is common), I can be one of your witnesses and your officiant can bring someone along for another witness.

Grand Teton photographer captures bride and groom holding hands during ceremony
Grand Teton photographer captures black and white portrait of bride and groom after elopement ceremony


There is no right way to elope! And that applies to what wedding vendors you want to include! Here are a list of different types of vendors as well as some of my favorites!

AthenaTanya CrockerKelly Rene

Grand Teton photographer captures close up of bridal hairstyle after winter elopement ceremony

Lily & Co.,Fleur de VChloe,
JH Flower BoutiqueBriar Rose

Grand Teton wedding photographer captures couple kissing in Grand Tetons

Lady In The Wild WestButtercream,
Persephone Bakery

Grand Teton photographer captures wedding reception


Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church

Saint John’s Episcopal

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Church in the Tetons

First Baptist Church

United Methodist Church

Presbyterian Church

Grand Teton photographer captures outdoor winter bridals in Jackson Hole

Feeling more confident in planning your Grand Teton wedding? I hope so! But if not, reach out! I always love to help plan and capture the beautiful memories of your elopement! Happy Planning!

Grand Teton photographer captures couple celebrating in Jackson Hole after elopement

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