Moab Utah Elopement Photographer Day Session

Traditionally elopements are a less complicated version of a wedding. And as an Moab Utah elopement photographer I get to help plan and photograph many elopements throughout the Grand Tetons. While they are more simplistic than a traditional wedding, your elopement goes beyond the ceremony! Your elopement deserves to be remembered and cherished for years to come. That is why I encourage booking all day with your elopement photographer. Here’s why!

bride and groom embracing against red rock for their southern utah wedding with utah elopement photographer as the groom kisses his brides forehead while she leans into him


As a Utah wedding photographer my job is to tell your story through images. So that when you look back on your elopement you can fully relive the day! In addition, you can share these moments with your family now and your future generations. This is your legacy, and it deserves to be documented. Documenting the little details and small moments that are in between the big ones is what tells your story. This goes beyond the ceremony!

Utah Elopement Photographer captures bride and groom embracing on an outlook in Arches National Park wedding whie the bride holds her wedding bouquet to her side as her groom kisses her forehead

Getting Ready

Getting ready the morning of your elopement can be such a sacred time. Whether it is just you in your bridal suite, you and your closest friend, or even just you and your groom. There is a special feeling in the air, and so many tender moments to be captured! Getting photos of your giddy excitement as you do your hair, as well as your serenity as you put on your wedding jewelry, is what sets the tone for your wedding album.

utah elopement photographer captures bride and groom getting ready the morning of their wedding while the groom helps the bride with her jewelry

Utah Elopement

Your wedding ceremony is the highlight of the day! This is the moment you have been anticipating, and may just be the reason you took the trip to Moab, Utah in the first place. As an elopement photographer I adore the genuine moments between bride and groom during the ceremony and vow reading. These moments can only be lived once, but can be remembered forever through your wedding photos.

utah elopement photographer captures bride and groom during their outdoor ceremony in Moab's red rocks saying their vows under a large red arch


After we capture your ceremony, its time to get some bridal portraits! I love taking my couples on a tour of the red Rocks as we travel in between locations. Having a personal tour of the park in addition to your photos just adds to your elopement experience and brings another element of adventure! So when you eventually leave to go home, you will have a greater love and appreciation for the place that you got married.

Elopement Celebration

Moab is a destination for its endless outdoor ventures, as well as its amazing culinary experience. I always love to help my couples plan their Moab Utah elopement experience. And getting a good meal is part of celebrating your big day! Not only do I have outstanding recommendations, but I also take the time to capture these fun moments after your wedding. This is a part of your elopement that you want to remember so that you can relive the celebration and excitement!

Ready to book your Moab Utah elopement photographer? Reach out and let’s start planning the best day of your life!

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