Reasons To Document The Getting Ready Of Your Wyoming Elopement

I love working with eloping couples as a Jackson Hole photographer. Those who choose to have an outdoor Wyoming elopement are oftentimes private, to-the-point individuals. Sometimes they might think, “If you’ve got ceremony photos, what else do you need?” 

My advice? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to document the “getting ready” process of your elopement. Here’s why:

wedding flatlay with wedding invites, roses, rings and other details

Capture the Excitement of Your Guests 

A great reason to take “getting ready” photos is to remember the emotions of your guests! When you get married, your focus is tied up with your special someone. Taking photos of everyone else is a fun way to look back at your wedding through the eyes of others. Elopement parties include some of your closest relationships, and seeing their reactions to your union is totally priceless. 

We can capture candids of everyone celebrating with you! Let’s get that special moment of your mom, sister, or best friend helping you into your dress. 

Jackson Hole photographer captures bride getting ready with her bridesmaids in a bridal suit for her Wyoming elopement
bride putting on her earrings as she looks out a window while in her bridal suite captured by Jackson Hole photographer
bridesmaids in light pink bridesmaids dresses while holding their rose bouquets together

Connect to Each Other Before Your Ceremony

Even if you’re not bringing guests and it’s just the two of you, your “getting ready” photos will help preserve the intimate moments before you say “I do.” And the process of taking the photos might also create a special connection before the ceremony.

As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer, I’ll capture your slow morning together, drinking coffee on the balcony and writing your vows. Then, let’s take a few of him helping you into your dress and you straightening his tie. These are such great photos to have. 

If you are reading letters from each other, or reading letters from home, it can also bring about some sweet photographs of your love. 

bride and groom kissing as the bride is in her emerald robe in her bridal suit right before her groom helps her get into her  gown captured by Jackson Hole photographer
groom buttoning up his brides wedding dress the morning of their elopement with Jackson Hole wedding photographer
groom helping his bride put on her wedding shoes the morning of their elopement

Preserve Your Wyoming Elopement

Document the details! You might not remember the exact way everything looks, but “getting ready” photos will keep those details forever. Things like how your dress looked on a hanger, your rings in their boxes, your jewelry, cufflinks or even heirlooms. Your handwritten vows, or your shoes! Let’s take a beautiful flat-lay of all the pretty pieces so you can remember it forever.

jackson hole wedding photographers document wedding detail such as wedding rings, jewelry and florals for a JAckson Hole elopement at Wedding Tree

As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer, I know how important it can be for couples to remember the entire experience of their Wyoming elopement. And one thing I can guarantee: you will never regret having MORE photos than you expected of this so-important day! 

Considering a Wyoming elopement? Let’s work together! Reach out and let’s plan your unique eloping experience!

wedding dress detail of the wedding gown's skirt lace skirt
Jackson Hole photographer captures detail shot of brides necklace as her hair blows in the wind and the sun shines behind her for her Wyoming elopement

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