Winter Engagement In Jackson Hole

The winter season is a perfect time to get engaged and plan a Jackson Hole winter proposal. With the snow falling around you, mountains in the background and your favorite person by your side, there’s no better way to say “yes.” Bundle up and get ready to get your hearts racing! As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer, I’d say winter is the perfect time of year to propose. Here is the best way to plan a romantic winter engagement in Jackson Hole!

Find Your Photographer

There’s no doubt that the Jackson Hole winter engagement photos are a lot of fun. And the chance of getting caught in the snow can bring out the best in a couple and their photographer! But what makes it all possible is planning. I recommend finding your Jackson Hole engagement photographer first. They will help you find an ideal location for the time of year and be able to capture this one in a life time moment!

Prepare For The Cold

A winter engagement in Jackson Hole is a total dream in the wintertime! However, the temperatures can get pretty low. Be sure to come to your engagement session prepared for the cold! I recommend dressing in layers while wearing warm socks, boots, and hand warmers. Please also bring an extra coat or blanket to wear in between locations if needed.

Remember The Sunsets Early

During the winter, the sun sets early in the evening. This will result in golden hour being a few hours earlier than normal. Plan your engagement photos to be taken before sunset, in the later afternoon, so that you can capture those beautiful winter colors! In addition, temperatures will drop significantly after sunset. We will want to ensure we leave early enough from our session for safe trip home!

Planning your Winter Engagement In Jackson Hole? Reach out and let’s chat about your photography!

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