How To Plan A Jackson Hole Honeymoon

When you elope to Jackson Hole you time is limited. As a Jackson Hole wedding photographer I have so many couples who come to the Tetons from out of state. And as a result, many of them honeymoon in the surrounding area to make the most of their time here. To even further capitalize your time in Jackson, consider having a Jackson Hole honeymoon photoshoot the day after your wedding. Here’s why!

Jackson Hole Honeymoon

Jackson Hole is a popular travel destination and for good reason! With easy access to two of the most popular national parks in America, as well as a darling downtown and so many recreational activities. There is so much to do in Jackson Hole, making it the perfect destination wedding location, especially if you plan on sticking around to honeymoon! Whether you are into the outdoors and adventure, or prefer to enjoy a luxurious spa day and shopping. Jackson truly has something for everyone!

Tour Jackson Hole

As a Jackson Hole photographer I always love to show off one of my favorite places on earth! The day after your wedding we can can take a tour of the Grand Tetons. I will show you all the best spots in the park to spot wildlife, share the history of different locations, and of course photograph this exciting time! Touring Jackson Hole is an amazing activity for your honeymoon, and with me you will get to see so much of the national park!

Honeymoon Photoshoot

You only get one honeymoon! Okay, I know a lot of people plan “second honeymoons” later in life. But, you only get this newly-wed excitement once in your life. It truly is a magical time, where everything feels surreal yet secure. And after some time the feeling wears off and you are brought back to reality. So while you are in the thick of newly-wed magic, let’s take some photos! I’ll capture your giddy excitement as you make your way through downtown Jackson together. As well as the tender embraces as we travel through the mountains. With a honeymoon photoshoot you will have these memories to remember for a life time!

Let’s plan your Jackson Hole honeymoon together! Reach out and I will share with you all of my local recommendation for lodging, eateries shopping and so much more!